Antique Golf Collection

Vintage / Hickory Golf Memorabilia

A hickory golf collection is born!

It’s taken 40+ years of collecting and curating Hickory Golf Clubs and Vintage Golf Memorabilia, but it’s a labour of love and we’re happy to be able to share our Antique Golf Collection with the world.

Hickory shafted clubs and vintage golf mitts, PGA tour badge, antique golf bag

The Penfold Man was a 1930’s point of sale prop made of paper mache.  Very few of these exist today.

Gourlay featherie golf ball circa 1840.


Swing a Niblick!


Play like Edward VIII Prince of Whales


Wager your Hickory Talent!


Golf like it's St. Andrews ..


Master the Spade Mashie chip n' roll!

Sample hickory golf club set from the early 20th century.  Left to right: Brassie, Cleek, Mashie, Niblick, Putter.

Collection of golf ball boxes circa 1910 – 1960.

Cross section of wrapped and other unusual golf balls.

How can we help your next Hickory Golf Event?


A Hickory Production

Bobby Jones – How I Play Golf

  • Bobby shows a friend how to properly get yourself out of the bunker for a few different lies.

Fowler & Rose Hickory Challenge

  • Rickie Fowler & Justin Rose and a few pros give the hickory wood shaft and vintage balls a go.

European Pros

  • Europe’s best try their luck with hickory clubs.

Speith @ St. Andrews

  • Jordan and his dad take to one of the worlds oldest hickory golf clubs.

Bond and Goldfinger @ Stoke Park

  • Sean Connery plays James Bond in this battle against Goldfinger at Stoke Park.  Mid-round a wager is placed and Oddjob lends a hand (or should we say leg.)

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