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Hickory Golf Club Rentals

Are you planning a golf event in Canada and would like to use authentic hickory shafted golf clubs? Vintage Golf is here to help!

Vintage Golf Club Restoration

We have been taking care of antique hickory shafted golf clubs for 30+ years.

Antique Golf Memorabilia Displays

With one of Canada’s finest vintage golf collections we can help showcase for entertainment or education.



We want to preserve the rich history of golf and provide an opportunity for golfers to experience the thrill of turning back the hands of time. 

So, why not host a vintage golf event or let us help organize your hickory golf tournament!


a Hickory Golf Revival!

Experience what it was like playing golf over a 100 years ago.  Forget your traditional massive driver, cavity back irons and Scotty Cameron putter.  Get a feel for how Bobby Jones felt when he won the Grand Slam in 1930 using “wooden” shafted clubs and wound golf balls.

In short, Hickory Golf is happening all over the world and it’s your turn to play!

Our Services

Vintage Golf is your one stop shop for antique hickory golf clubs and memorabilia, we provide rental equipment for events, tournaments and marketing as necessary. We also service and maintain antique hickory shafted clubs with our club restoration services.  Above all, we focus on making sure you are happy and have what you need.


The Approach

Most of the work we do is a tailored program or specific effort based on event needs, we typically quote most of our work but can simply discuss over the phone as well.  First, start by completing our online quote form and we will reach out with any questions!

Step 1



We have one of Canada’s largest selection of hickory-shafted golf clubs available for avid fan’s looking to experience the game like never before.

Step 2

We Deliver.

We can ship or deliver based on club location.  Rest assured that we will provide timely delivery to make your event a success.

Step 3

You Play!

The game of golf is something to behold when playing with vintage clubs.  Get ready for a unique feel that can still pack a punch all these years later.


Swing a Niblick!


Play like Edward VIII Prince of Whales


Wager your Hickory Talent!


Golf like it's St. Andrews ..


Master the Spade Mashie chip n' roll!


Swing a Niblick!


Play like Edward VIII Prince of Whales


Wager your Hickory Talent!


Golf like it's St. Andrews ..


Chip on with a Spade Mashie!


cheaters never prosper!

Below, in the 007 hit “Goldfinger” we are reminded of how cinema played it’s role in making the Penfold golf brand famous.  James Bond plays a round with Mr. Auric Goldfinger and amongst all the ‘action’ Bond showcases his Penfold Hearts golf ball on the 18th.  After that, there isn’t much left to say for the ‘golf pro’.


How I play golf 

Bobby Jones was the first to win a Grand Slam in golf and is considered by some the “Godfather” of hickory golf instruction.  Most importantly, he also founded and helped design the Augusta National Golf Club, and co-founded the Masters Tournament!   Check out his instructional golf swing series.

Vintage Golf was instrumental in organizing our Hickory Stick Tournament while celebrating our 100th Anniversary at Barrie Country Club. After only a few meetings, David was able to offer us assistance in providing antique golf clubs for all the participants to use during the tournament.

Anne Arksey | Chairperson

David’s passion for golf and the early history of the game made our day unforgettable! I highly recommend David and can’t wait to have him back at Lambton again in the future.

– Matthew Yustin | Director of Golf | Lambton Golf & Country Club

Vintage Golf repaired my dad’s hickory shafted clubs to near perfection and they not only look great, but once again play well!

– Jeremy Young

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